The ArkanHosting Partnership Program

Do you have your own YouTube, Twitch channel or website? Are you looking for a free or discounted server? Well, you’re at the right place then! Here at ArkanHosting we want to help everyone who’s in need of a server; whether you’re a big gaming site or a YouTube or Twitch channel that just started up, we’ll do anything we can to help you out!

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Please note: We are currently not accepting any Twitch or YouTube channel with less then 1500 followers/subscribers.

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Sponsorship Program F.A.Q.

What do I need to do in return?

In return for a sponsorship, we ask for advertisements in return – That could be in the form of shoutouts, banners, links to our site, mentions etc. We do not specifically tell you exactly what you need to do in return, as we leave this totally up to you. We will monitor your activity through an affiliate code that we’ll send over to you!

Are there any requirements?

We do ask for a number of subscribers before we offer a sponsorship. For Youtube channels we ask for a minimum of ~1.500 subs, Twitch is ~1000 followers. With regards to websites, we do not have any minimum requirements and will determine that after submission.

If I get accepted, will I get my sponsored server forever?

If we could, you sure would – But we need to ensure that the sponsorship is beneficial to both parties, that’s why every single month we will go through and have a chat with you to make sure everything is still good with your server and help you with any issues that have come up. We will track your affiliate code, and whilst ever there are referrals from it we will keep the sponsorship open!

Can I get a discount coupon for my followers/subscribers?

You sure can! When we contact you about getting everything set up we will be ale to give you a coupon code to offer to your followers that will be 100% unique to you! We will also use this to track referrals.