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If you're experiencing an error similar to "Insecure server, it does not support FTP over TLS", do not worry, there is an easy fix for it! This tends to happen in newer versions of FileZilla. It is good to set this up even if you're not having this error, as it makes connecting to your server files much easier.

Step 1: Open FileZilla. In the top left you will see an icon that has a drop down arrow next to it. Click the icon, not the arrow. It should bring up the Site Manager menu.

Step 2: Choose the option towards the bottom left called "New Site". Choose a name for your site, such as "ArkanHosting" or whatever you would like. Then find the options on the right side.

Step 3: Your FTP File Access details were emailed to you when you first purchased the server. If you do not have access to these, then there is an easy way to figure out your details for FTP. If you have that email, ignore the rest of this step. Navigate to your server control panel by clicking "Panel" on our website, and log in. Get to your server by choosing "My Servers" on the left side. Once in, on the left you should see a button called "Files". Click it, then choose "FTP File Access". At that new log in screen, you will find all the information you need for your FileZilla connection. The password is the same as your control panel password.

Step 4: Enter in the "Host" IP and the port. Now, this step is very important. If you are experiencing the error above, then under "Protocol", change the selection to "FTP - File Transfer Protocol". Under "Encryption" choose "Use plain FTP". If you are not experiencing the error, then ignore those and keep them as the default. Now, change the "Logon Type" to "Normal" and enter in your username and password. Your username can be found through the explanation in step 3, it is different than your control panel login username. It should have a few digits after the name.

Step 5: Press "Ok" and now your site has been added! Now, navigate back to the top left where you found the Site Manager button before. This time, click the drop down arrow. Find the site which you named and click on it. Now you will connect and all your problems should be fixed!

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